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These are the games I have released so far or am currently working on ...

Space Madness

Point & Click Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi

Professor Marty, a mad scientist aboard the spaceship U.S.S. Serling, attempts to clone himself but every experiment he conducts fails. The last experiment gave birth to a rectangle-shaped yellow mutant named "Ed", who quickly got disposed of through the garbage disposal aboard the spaceship. Ed survives the crash on an desert planet where he meets many more mutants and finds out that Professor Marty's experiments are a threat to the entire universe. It depends now on you to stop the experiments and save the universe from certain annihalation!

Space Madness Remake

Point & Click Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi

A Remake of my first game, Space Madness, made in 2.5D. This remake is going to fix many of the issues of the original game, supports multiple high resolutions and releases on multiple platforms. It will also provide many of the systems needed for future Adventure games.

Unannounced Remake Project

To be revealed

Another remake of a certain game. All will be revealed in due time...

Game Jam Games

These are small free games that I made in a short time frame for Game Jams.
Think of them as rushed Prototypes that don't have much content.
They may or may not become full games in the future, we'll see.

Podgeball Unlimited
Podgeball Unlimited
made in 6 Days for Supersensory Megamix '21 with the Theme "Sensory Overload"

Released: 30th August 2021

Genre: Multiplayer, Last Man Standing, Evasion

Platform: Windows

A chaotic multiplayer evasion game where you need to be the last man standing. This was the first time I did anything Multiplayer.

Everything must go!
Everything must go!
made in 3 Days for Unity Create with Code 2021 with the Theme "Modernizing a Classic"

Released: 2nd July 2021

Genre: Physics Gun, Time Rush

Platform: Browser (WebGL)

I took the classic Gravity Gun mechanic from Half Life and the experience of moving out of a home in a hurry to try and make a fun timer based game out of it. Can you move enough items within the time limit to win?

Developer Assets

Things I made that may help other developers

Cobwebs & Threads Asset
Cobwebs & Threads Collection
for Unity Game Engine

Released: 2012

Last Updated: 2015

Render Pipelines: Built-In

Boost the atmosphere in your scenes by adding some cobwebs to them! There are 24 low poly Cobwebs & Threads in this package

Note: This Asset is a bit outdated right now and only works on the old Built-In Pipeline. I am currently (September 2021) working on an Update to include support for URP and HDRP Render Pipelines with improved Textures and some new Meshes


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About Me

Want to find out more about me? This is me and my story

Rainer Liessem

I'm a sole developer in my 30s born in Germany and now living in the UK with a passion for video games and their development. I suffer from an anxiety condition that prevents me to work a normal job due to panic attacks and so I decided to dedicate my time to game development. I currently have no income but I still want to make the best games I possibly can. I started learning around 2009 and made my first game (Space Madness) and kept learning together with a friend, though never releasing the prototypes publicly. Unfortunately I had to take a bit of a break for a few years due to some life setbacks and changing my priorities, but now I intend to keep going properly as a solo developer and make more games! The name Spreadcamp is meant to be symbolic of trying to spread out with my ideas and projects in my quest to grow as a game developer. A bit cheesy, I know. But hopefully you'll like the stuff I will make!

Additional Support

If you like what I'm doing and want to support me beyond buying my games, you can just buy me however coffees you want on Ko-Fi or become a monthly supporter. You get some benefits, but exclusives are going to be VERY rare so really only do that if you want to support me for the sake of supporting me. However there is also a little shop there that sometimes has things I created and merch items for my games that you might like. Note that these are limited quantity items that I created in my spare time or are made to order for you and are not mass produced, but that way you can get something physical in return for your support.

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